Ionic Magnesium for a Healthy Heart and Lower Blood Pressure

Ionic Magnesium Background

It has been well-documented in nutritional news articles that magnesium is integral in over 300 essential functions in the body, and that the body can only absorb magnesium in an ionic form. This is why Ionic Magnesium is available today in order to give your body what it needs for a healthy heart, strong bones, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, improved kidney function and removal of toxins, and so much more.

Ionic Magnesium eliminates the hard processing the body goes through to extract magnesium from other sources. The delivery is direct, pure, and it goes to work immediately.

ionic magnesiumWhat Is Ionic Magnesium?

Ionic Magnesium is simply magnesium that is in a form that it ready to be absorbed and distributed by the body for hundreds of necessary functions. Ionic Magnesium comes in a liquid form, suspended in a neutral solution so that the magnesium becomes active only after you swallow it – where it starts to go to work immediately on repairing bones, improving your heart, preventing cardiovascular disease, aiding digestion, and even relaxing muscles so that you can get better sleep at night.

How Does Ionic Magnesium Work?

When you take magnesium through food or some other natural supplements, your body has to work hard to extract those nutrients. What this means is that your body depletes resources in order to get the magnesium it needs to restore its reserves, and you end up in cycle of playing “catch up” and your body barely stays ahead of the game.

With Ionic Magnesium, the rich element has already been refined to its ionic form, which means that your body doesn’t have to use any extra energy to absorb the magnesium you need – and because ionic magnesium is a natural form, you don’t have to worry about getting any unwanted “filler” in the supplement that would otherwise negate the benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Ionic Magnesium?

As you may have heard, magnesium is necessary for everything from bone strength to lowering blood pressure. While magnesium is essential to a healthy body for absolutely everyone, magnesium is particularly of interest to women. Magnesium goes a long way in easing the discomfort of PMS, protecting against bone mass loss, and preventing heart disease and high blood pressure.

Since heart disease is even greater among women, magnesium is needed in great quantities to prevent arrhythmia, heart palpitations, and cardio-muscular contractions. If you lead an active lifestyle, magnesium helps relax muscles and keep them in top shape – which is great for those who exercise regularly, and intense training needs the proper, natural cool down that ionic magnesium provides.

Clinical Studies & Ionic Magnesium

While there ave been numerous stress tests on the medical benefits of magnesium, it is a known fact that ionic magnesium is the only form that the body can absorb, and that any other form of magnesium has to be processed by the body in order to get it into an ionic form, which can then be used for all of the various necessary functions that magnesium provides.

What To Look For When Buying Ionic Magnesium

There are many companies offering ionic magnesium and even nano magnesium. The first thing to look for are the ingredients. Obviously you want ionic magnesium in high concentration, but you also need to know what the suspension fluid is, and if it is free of additives.

The second thing you need to look at when shopping for ionic magnesium is the packaging. You want ionic magnesium to come in a dark brown, or even opaque bottle or container. The reason for this is that direct sunlight and UV light will rapidly deplete ionic magnesium, and what you will be left with is an inert solution.

UV protected containers allow ionic magnesium to be stored, while also giving you the maximum benefits from ionic magnesium.

Bottom Line

If you want a healthy heart, strong bones, lower blood pressure, and a relaxed feeling throughout your muscles, then you need magnesium in order to carry out over 300 necessary processes for your body to remain healthy. If you want to increase your magnesium levels and see almost instant results, then you should get ionic magnesium, which is ready to be absorbed and ready to start working the second you take it.